Irish singer Brian Kennedy says depression is isolating

Irish singer Brian Kennedy says depression is isolating


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Depression can be isolating. This is true whether you’re a housewife in Shaker Heights or an international celebrity. Irish singer Brian Kennedy has been very open about his struggles with depression, and in an interview with, he said, “I think any person I’ve ever met in my life has known depression in some way.” Here’s an excerpt from the interview, and you can click the link below it for the full article. 

Of course, I have known some very bad times, and I have to say that one thing that shakes me out of it is physical exercise. The second is talking to somebody. Depression is isolating, and at this time of year it’s especially important to look out for each other and make sure that people are ok.

”However, the 47-year-old is encouraged by the number of high-profile celebrities who are willing to speak out about their own troubles, including his former co-judge on The Voice of Ireland, Bressie.

“You gotta love him for talking about his panic attacks and mental health and all that. My god, what a fantastic ambassador he is. On the one hand, you look at him and think: ‘Sure, that fella’s got no problems at all – his career has taken off, he’s a beautiful-looking man’.

So how wonderful of him to say: ‘No, hands up, I’ve had great struggles myself’. That’s so helpful to younger generations, to bring a face to these problems and say that it’s only human to feel that way.

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