10 Facts You Should Know for Memorial Day

10 Facts You Should Know for Memorial Day


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It’s Memorial Day, and it’s the tail end of Mental Health Awareness Month. This is a day for reflection, and it’s definitely a day to consider the many sacrifices those who serve in our Armed Forces make… and the ones many veterans are still making. This timely article from the Huffington Post includes a list of Veterans Bills recently introduced in Congress, and it’s notable how many deal with Veterans’ health. If you are a veteran or if you have ever loved someone who served, chances are you’ve also dealt with the kinds of loss that go with military service. And if you or someone you know is dealing with the depression or other mental health issues that can come with that, take heart: you are not alone, your sacrifices are appreciated, and there is help available if you reach out to someone qualified.

Here’s an excerpt from the article, and I hope you’ll click the link below to read the entire list.

10 Recently Introduced Veterans Bills in Congress

The Dept. of Veterans Affairs provides services for some 22 million American veterans, but recent preventable veteran deaths and benefit and construction delays has put the agency under intense scrutiny, according to the House Committee on Veterans AffairsWeigh in on these bills related to veterans and POPVOX will deliver your message to your Members of Congress.

1. Veterans Affairs Management Accountability Act (HR 4031)*Bipartisan*Would give the VA Secretary authority to remove employees of the Senior Executive Service, whose performance the Secretary believes warrants removal, from the government service completely or transfer them to a General Schedule position within the current civil service system, according to bill sponsors. (Passed by the House on May 21; now goes to the Senate for consideration.)

2. Comprehensive Veterans Health and Benefits and Military Retirement Pay Restoration Act (S 1982)*Bipartisan* “The most comprehensive piece of veterans’ legislation to be offered in decades and addresses many of the challenges facing service members, veterans and their families,” according to the bill sponsor. Includes restoration of full COLA for military retirees; authorizes VA to enter into 27 major medical facility leases in 18 states and PR; expands access to VA health care — including complementary and alternative medicine — and dental care, in a cost-effective and equitable way; in-state tuition assistance for post-9/11 veterans; and would end the benefits backlog. (Read full summary.)

Please click here for the full article. 

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